Skum School

Activities (2019-2020)

1. Water conservation and pollution: On 28th August 2019, a mime act on the theme “water conservation” was done at the school. Also a movie was shown to teach the effect of water pollution on aquatic organisms.

2. Eco-tourism: On 27thof September world celebrates “World Tourism day” to cultivate and create awareness among society globally on significance of tourism and its social, political, financial and cultural value. On this occasion Green Catalyst organized an event in school on the concept of “Eco-tourism”, which means responsible travel to natural areas, conserving the environment, and improving the well-being of the local people. They shared impact of mass tourism on environment which resulted in natural disasters like Kedarnath floods and also gave some of the best practices of eco-tourism like Spiti Valley.

3. E-waste collection drive 5th October 2019: Since 2017, E-waste awareness and collection campaign has been organized by Green Catalyst and E-waste is collected throughout the year. This year on 5th October 2019, collection of E-waste was organized by Green Catalyst again and E-waste was collected from the students and given to recycler E-Coli Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. The recycler gave small gifts in return to the students who bought E-waste from their home.
Activities (2018-2019)

i. An orientation was conducted at 11 th of July 2018, at the SKUM School to make students aware of the harm happening to the environment and preventive measures on how we could save the environment by doing a little effort.

ii. On 1 st of August, an event called ‘pen drive’ was conducted, where all the used pens in the schools were collected and then those pens were taken to an NGO where they were recycled and can be used again. This step saves the money and ultimately the natural resources and hence our environment.

iii. A bird counting event was conducted on 16 th of February. A high level of participation was shown by the students which led to the success of the event and the post seminar showed them how our few activities causes harm to the birds and how we could prevent this.