The Team

Voice of Green Catalyst Team (2017-2023)

Nisha Rajput

M.Sc (environmental science), Government Science College

I am associated with Green Catalyst program since 2018, and have participated and managed many awareness programs in schools and community. I was part of the core team (2018-19) as chief editor and was responsible for reporting the Green Catalyst activities to be published in bi-monthly magazine - Paryavaran Mitra. I am government certified E-waste tutor and have done many E-waste awareness programs under Green Catalyst.

Labdhi Kagdi

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

I am majorly interested in learning about feasible solutions for all kinds of environmental problems. The opportunity that the Green Catalyst platform gives to practice and develop social skills inspired me to the part of it. I would like to contribute to the activities that help save the environment through this program.

Shivani Leuva

Bachelor of Commerce, Sahajanand College

I always wished to learn new things related to nature and environment and this program had given me opportunity to learn many such things. The purpose of green catalyst is to spread awareness among peoples about various environmental issues and make them realize the importance of such things which they have been ignoring.

Drashti Oza

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

My concern for environment inspires me to join Green Catalyst and especially in issues like Noise Pollution and Waste management. I would like to contribute to Green Catalyst program by spreading more and more awareness about environment in the society.

Khyati Patel

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

As we all know, environment degradation is one of the major problems the world is facing today. I want to save the environment by not merely spreading awareness but also by bringing solutions to environmental problems. As an environment students, we are studying a lot about the environment but I wanted to gain practical knowledge and that was the reason I joined Green Catalyst.

Rucha Trivedi

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

The most inspiring thing about Green Catalyst is that here I work with students from various disciplines like law, social work, engineering, IT, which is helping me understand different aspects of environment. It also provided me a platform to explore my skills and qualities. In the future I would like to work in the area of energy engineering to find solutions to environmental problems.

Pankaj Sharma

M.Sc (Environmental Science), Government Science College

I want to establish environment-friendly habits in children and explain them about why we do so and what impact it creates on the environment. This will make them more aware and conscious of their actions and how it is affecting the environment. Through Green Catalyst program, I want to reach children to spread awareness about environmental-friendly lifestyle.

Mahesh Singh

M.Sc (Environmental Science), K.K.Shastri

It is important to make people aware about environmental problems, their cause, and what they can do about it. I wish to spread awareness about Air pollution, its effect, laws pertaining to air pollution, and green technologies that can help reduce air pollution. Green Catalyst program can help me understand the issue in more detail and give me a platform to spread the knowledge in schools, colleges, and communities so that we can make our future generations safe.

Dhrijesh Chauhan

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

I always wanted to contribute towards protecting environment and help people understand the importance of nature. I found Green Catalyst a great platform where students from different discipline work together to serve a common purpose of protecting environment. I will work with all my potential and enhance my skills through this program.

Uday Desai

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

As an environment engineer, I feels passionately about the environment and want to minimize damage to the environment by reducing waste and pollution. Green Catalyst program has given me opportunity to reach out to people and create awareness about various environmental issues.

Vidushi Shah

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

Green Catalyst is a platform for me to fulfill my dream to reach out different sectors of a society and engage in mobilizing the community on environmental issues. My motive to join this program is to seek guidance and enhance my skills so that I can work for environment effectively.

Priyanka Gajabe

M.Sc (Environmental Science), Government Science College

I strive for the betterment of the environment and making people aware of the situation they have been ignoring. I have worked as an active volunteer in community based awareness programs. Through Green Catalyst program, I wish to spread awareness among students and society about various environmental issues.

Kabir Panchal

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

My concern for environment has inspired me to be part of Green Catalyst Program. Noise pollution can affect our physical and mental health in many ways and I want to spread awareness about it in the community. I wish to spread awareness among children and youth about various environmental issues that we are presently facing through Green Catalyst Program.

Sneha Prajapati

Master of Social Work, Gujarat University

I want to spread awareness about environmental in rural areas of Gujarat as Villages are facing various environmental issues due to lack of proper waste management. My purpose to join Green Catalyst is to know more about environment and take that knowledge to villagers. I would like to contribute to GC through school and village program.

Monika Bhadauriya

M.Sc (Environmental Science), K.K.Shastri

I wanted to spread awareness in community and society about environmental issues and needed a platform to share my ideas, which Green Catalyst provided me. I have a keen interest in grass-root work and I have actively participated in awareness programs in society and community. Through Green Catalyst, I aim to spread awareness on various environmental issues.

Pritesh Thakre

Master of Social Work, Gujarat Vidyapith

I always wanted to work towards conserving the environment and Green Catalyst gave me the opportunity to learn about various aspects of environment. In the future I want to work for farmers and I wish to spread awareness about environment issues like organic farming and food insecurity to them.

Pinal Patel

Master of Social Work, Gujarat Vidyapith

I wish to create awareness about water conservation as it is a major issue we are facing. Through Green Catalyst I want to develop leadership and teamwork skills. I want to spread awareness in schools and colleges through creative medium like skit. As a social work student, I will spread awareness about the importance of trees and water conservation wherever I work in future.

Vijay Yadav

M.S.W (Master of Social Work), Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ahmedabad

My motive behind joining Green catalyst program is to enhance leadership and management skills. Also by working with students from different faculties like engineering, social work, law etc, I wanted to improve my team work abilities and support the organization to fulfil its objective. It is a platform for me to spread awareness among children and youth about various environmental issues.

Devang Parmar

Master of Social Work, Gujarat University

Green Catalyst program has not only helped me in enhancing my knowledge about environment but also improved my leadership and managerial skills. I was part of core team as Event Manager and have organized more than 25 programs. I was also a team leader in “Adopt a School program” in one of the schools where our team organized programs throughout the year on various environmental issues.

Hemal Parmar

Master of Social Work, Gujarat University

I always wanted to work at grass-root in villages and Green Catalyst program gave me the opportunity to work in Adas Village. I was the team leader in Adas village program in which our team organized various awareness programs throughout the year. Green Catalyst also gave me opportunity to be part of “E-waste training of Tutors program” organized by the Ministry of Information Technology and MAIT and now I am an E-waste trainer certified by the Government of India.

Mr. Siddharth Pandey

B.Ed, M.N. Shukla College

As a teacher, I have always studied behavioral patterns of students and was interested in teaching students through activities. Green Catalyst gave me the opportunity to make children understand complex environmental issues through different activities. I was in core team of Green Catalyst (2018-19) as president and our team organized more than 50 awareness programs in various schools, colleges, and communities during this period.

Rathod Pavitra

B.E. (Environmental Engineering), L.D.C.E.

I had the opportunity to learn Website Content management in one of the trainings organized by Paryavaran Mitra as a part of Green Catalyst program. As a technical person, I was interested in it and took the opportunity to manage in Green Catalyst website. I was the website content manager in 2018-19 and updated all the information about events and programs. I also actively participated in awareness programs organized by Green Catalyst team.

Viral Joshi

B.E.( Environmental Engineering),L.D.C.E.

I always wished to aware people about climate change crisis and bring change, and I find myself lucky to get a platform like Green Catalyst. Along with enabling me to connect with societies and schools for awareness, GC program has brought an immense change in my personality by enhancing leadership and managerial skills. . The training programs and field visits at Green Catalyst were indeed very helpful as it gave the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on exposure to various environmental issues. I was head of School program and our team organized 25 programs in 5 schools of Ahmedabad on various environmental issues.