Kameshwar Vidhyalaya

Activities (2019-2020)

1. The first program of the new academic year started with awareness on water conservation on 2 nd August 2019, where a mime was performed by Green Catalyst team on “Save water theme”. The objective was to help students to think of lifestyle changes that requires less water. “Actions speak louder than words”, the mime act was very engaging and effective teaching technique, which was reflected in the interactive session after the act.

2. On 21 st September, 2019, an event was organized on the occasion of “World water monitoring day. Students were given brief introduction about importance of Water monitoring day. The objective was to engage the students in taking an active role to monitor and protect local water resources. The students were also given tips to stop wastage of water and reduction of water pollution.

3. On 3rd December 2019, “Pen drive” was organized in which students were given knowledge about environmental impacts of using single use pen. They were made aware of the fact that single-use pens that are thrown away after single use is neither reusable nor recyclable thereby increase the plastic waste. GC team gave a presentation to the students presenting environmental impact and what can students to resolve it. Then a quiz was conducted based on the presentation in which students participated with great excitement.

4. An awareness program on global warming was conducted in the school on 7th December 2019 in which a skit was performed by Green Catalyst team on global warming and ozone layer depletion. Then interaction was done with students to make them understand effects of climate change and its consequences that we are already facing.
Activities (2018-2019)

A number of events happened at the Kameshwar Vidhyalay and each one of them was breath taking.

i. It all started with the orientation on 18 th of July 2018, where students were given a brief introduction of what all events/ activities are going to be carried out. The gist of the events made students more enthusiastic which made them come in huge numbers to participate.

ii. On the 6 th of august 2018, a waste management seminar was being conducted, where the students as well as the faculty members and workers, working in the school, were given proper knowledge on how to manage waste as well as minimize the waste we generate.

iii. In the era of the 21 st century, technology has advanced rapidly and the old tech becomes waste which then becomes a big problem, as the components of the devices like laptops, mobiles etc are very harmful. By keeping this in our mind, on 8 th august 2018, students were made to collect the e-waste from the surrounding so that they can be properly disposed off.

iv. On the day of 29 th of august, a pollution control awareness campaign was done at the school where the students were shown the harmful effects of pollution on earth, and were given the tips to ensure reduction of pollution, on and off the premisis of the school.

v. 12 th September 2018, the day at which Ganesh Chaturthi was ceberated, an important lesson rather an awareness fact was delivered to the all the people that the idols that they drown in the river as part of the Hindu ritual, should be biodegrable so it doesn’t pollute the river and hence the environment. Other tips were given on how to be eco-friendly at such a occasion. Skits were also made by the students to create awareness about the same which demonstrated our carelessness which led to the pollution.

vi. 19 th September 2018, the ozone day, was a perfect opportunity to make deliver, how ozone is important to us and how its presence effects us.

vii. 23 rd February 2019 was the day when the campus bird count was done. A high level of enthusiastic participation was there, that event more interesting and successful.