Divan-Ballubhai School

Activities (2019-2020)

1. Eco-friendly celebration of festivals helps us reduce the carbon footprint on the planet and do less or minimal damage. On 26th August 2019, Green Catalyst team organized an event to aware students about celebrating Ganesh Mahotsav in eco-friendly ways. A skit was performed followed by extempore to encourage eco-friendly methods of celebrations in students.

2. International day for preservation of the ozone layer was celebrated at the school 17th September 2019 by organizing speech competition by Green Catalyst team. Student expressed their views on topic related to ozone layer depletion and climate change and first three winners were given prizes.

3. Green Consumer day is celebrated to think on what we buy and the impact it has on our precious environment. An event was organized in the school by Green Catalyst on 28th September 2019 to celebrate the same. Some students were taught a skit on Eco friendly lifestyle and they performed the skit in front of other students.
Activities (2018-2019)

i. Waste management seminar was conducted at the Divan-Ballibahi school on 27 th August, to make them aware of the skills of the waste management and make them practice this habit on and off the school premises.

ii. To make students aware of the hazardous effects of disposing the old devices, such as mobiles and computers, on 28 th August to 31 st August, a E-waste collection programme was conducted to, to minimize the pollution due to E-waste in their surroundings.

iii. 15 th September 2018, the ozone day, a chance was there to make the students and the faculties aware of the work of the ozone and how it is getting depleted by our activities.

iv. On 24 th September, a soil erosion experiment was conducted at the school, to make students aware how fertile soil gets eroded from the land and it gives the land barren. They were shown how casual mistake can lead to a problem big like soil erosion.

v. Planting vegetables and compost making activity was conducted on 5 th of February. Through this activity students were taught how waste can be disposed by making compost pits and without causing any harm to the environment. vi. A bird counting event was conducted on 16 th of February also done in which high participation was shown by the students which led to the success of the event and the post seminar showed them how our few activities causes harm to the birds and how we could prevent this.